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HealthBlocks was founded in 2019 by co-founders Rosanne Warmerdam, Ryan Geerdink and Daan Warmerdam. Although they come from diverse backgrounds they all share a common purpose: creating more health for people and the planet.

Rosanne, Ryan and Daan already co-founded another successful company, The Pando Network, a strategy and campaign agency for health projects, leading some of the most
innovative community health projects that are highly valued by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports in the Netherlands.

With HealthBlocks they want to drive a historic leap in the expansion of our healthy lifespan. HealthBlocks is driven by the vision that users should own and control their own data and be empowered to valorize it the way they see fit. The HealthBlocks team is filled with passion and perseverance to turn vision into reality and to build out a product that impacts the lives of many in a healthy way. HealthBlocks is here to take 'health is wealth' to a whole new level!

Meet our team

Artboard 8_2x.png



💼  Co-founder & CEO
🎓  MSc Biomedical Sciences 

🦸‍♀️  Health & business

Artboard 4_2x.png



💼  Co-founder & Head of Ecosystem Development
🎓  MSc Science Business & Innovation  

🦸‍♂️  Ecosystem & token model

Artboard 6_2x.png



💼  Co-founder & Head of Martketing
🎓  Philosophy, Politics and Economy MA  

🦸‍♂️  Community building




💼  Founding member & CTO
🎓  IT  

🦸‍♂️  Architecture & data infra

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