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Healthy lifestyle. 
Real rewards.

HealthBlocks is a blockchain based ecosystem in which you can generate, store, exchange and analyse your consumer health data in a trusted manner.

Unlock the potential of your health data

The HealthBlocks ecosystem helps you to regain control over your health data and valorize it the way you see fit! 

We encourage you to venture on a personal journey to discover the value of your health data. With HealthBlocks you can save your health data in one secure place, work on your personal health goals, earn money with your data and contribute to global health research. All in a privacy preserving fashion.

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Generate health and lifestyle data with your wearables and smartphone. Mine $HEALTH tokens by completing health goals. Stack up your $HEALTH tokens by going for a walk or hitting the gym.   

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All health data in one secure place, your personal Health Profile, stored in a decentralized identity (DID) on the IoTeX blockchain. The first step towards data ownership, control and privacy. 

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Trusted data and activity pools let you exchange your data in return for $HEALTH tokens. In data pools you can opt in or out to share your data with third parties.
Activity pools incentivize you to get active and work on your health and contribute to a good cause at the same time. 

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HealthBlocks will offer health services to make a real impact on your health. You can create a personal digital health experience by making use of our services like telehealth consults, data services or in depth testing.   

HealthBlocks (beta) app

Every journey starts with taking the first step, HealthBlocks is no exception. The beta app will allow users to connect their Google Fit, Apple Health, Fitbit and start mining $HEALTH tokens by completing different health goals. After successful testing we will expand on devices, goals and introduce data and activity pools. But first we need you to test the app and share your thoughts!

We are looking for HealthBlocks pioneers!

Be the first to test out our app and give feedback on further development. HealthBlocks pioneers are eligible for Airdrop rewards and other cool extra's. There are a limited amount of spots so sign up and become a Health Blocks pioneer!  

Health Blocks App

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Meet our team

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Msc Biomedical Sciences 

Co-founder & CEO

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Science Business & Innovation
Co-Founder & Head of

Business Development

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Philosophy, Politics and

Economy MA
Co-Founder & Head of Growth

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Head of Advisory Board

Get involved

We together are HealthBlocks, join our community and let's build a fair and innovative health system for all! 

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