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Healthy Lifestyle.

Real Rewards.

HealthBlocks is a web3 health app that rewards you for a healthy lifestyle, gives access to health services and makes it possible to share your data with others in a privacy preserving way while getting profits.

HealthBlocks Beta

Every journey starts with taking the first step, HealthBlocks is no exception that’s why start with the launch of HealthBlocks beta.

The HealthBlocks beta is all about getting active and earning HEALTH Tokens by completing health goals. HEALTH Tokens earned during HealthBlocks beta will be converted for the main launch by an Airdrop. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and join the HealthBlocks movement!

How it works


Download the    HealthBlocks app


Health Profile

Create your own Health Profile and start gaining control over your health and data.


Save your recovery phrase

Write down your recovery phrase and store it on a safe place. With this phrase you can recover your account if necessary.


Connect smart device

Connections can be made with wearables and fitness trackers connected to Google Fit, Fitbit, Garmin and Apple Health.


health goals

Start compounding on your health by completing health goals on a daily basis.



Get HEALTH per completed health goal, complete all health goals on a single day and get bonus rewards.  Get the flow going and complete all health goals 7 days in a row to receive extra bonus rewards.  

Why HealthBlocks

Our mission is to increase healthy life expectancy on a global scale. We believe that health data holds an important key to achieve this.

Health data is owned and controlled by centralized parties such as hardware manufacturers of wearables, health app builders and healthcare providers.

By using decentralized technologies we empower users to take back control of their health and data.

HealthBlocks takes health is wealth to a whole new level!

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Get involved

We together are HealthBlocks, join our community and let's build a fair and innovative health system for all! 


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