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All About Health.

We're all about health. That's the reason we exist. HealthBlocks helps you to utilize health data to improve both individual and collective health. 

Our beta is now closed. We want to thank 13k+ users for shaping the HealthBlocks journey! ✨

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Accumulate Health Data to Grow the World's Healthspan

At HealthBlocks, we're committed to putting your health journey in your hands by giving you full control over your health data.

Get personalized insights, participate in health challenges and earn rewards, and achieve your individual well-being goals.


At the same time, we're driving collective health and boosting digital health innovation by securely unlocking the potential of health data, all while ensuring ownership and control remain firmly in your hands.

Multiplying Knowledge Through Data Integration

Discover the boundless possibilities of health data integration through HealthBlocks, a dynamic hub where individuals, researchers, and businesses seamlessly unlock the power of health data. Together we will foster groundbreaking discoveries, personalized health interventions, and collective well-being innovations.


Empower your health journey with the HealthBlocks app. 
Track and manage your physical and mental health data, participate in challenges, and earn rewards as you reach your goals.

13k+ people joined the HealthBlocks beta (closed). Be the first to try out V1.

Business Partners

Partner with HealthBlocks to engage and activate your audience towards healthier lifestyles. Our platform offers a unique opportunity for health and sustainability brands to drive community engagement, boost brand awareness, and reward users for their commitment to well-being.

Data Partners

Leverage our cutting-edge confidential computing technology to securely analyze encrypted health data, enabling groundbreaking research, AI model training, and driving innovation and insights in healthcare and beyond, all while upholding the highest standards of data privacy and security.

Get ready for HealthBlocks V1

Big news! We're thrilled to share that HealthBlocks V1 is on the horizon!

After a successful beta phase with over 13,000 users worldwide, we're leveling up your health journey. Get set for a whole new experience, including seamless data integration with your favorite health apps, tracking mental health biomarkers via our Daily Health Check, and challenge yourself to earn real rewards. Stay tuned for an adventure that puts your health in your hands!

​But there's more to HealthBlocks V1 than meets the eye. As you focus on your health and well-being in a fun and engaging manner, you're not just improving yourself – you're also building a personal health data profile that you own and control. This valuable asset isn't just for your benefit; it's a catalyst for innovation. By being able to share this data in a secure and trusted way, you're driving the future of health research and innovation while getting rewarded.

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We together are HealthBlocks, join our community and let's build a fair and innovative health system for all! 


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